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“It's refreshing to see a sturdy, accomplished songwriter like Matthes explore new things for his return, while songs like "When We Danced Slow" show his ongoing gifts as a tender Americana songwriter.” - Piet Levy, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (9/1/23)

"Full of personality and boldness here...grandiose choruses and observant storytelling. Jay Matthes conveys life’s earnest lessons via full-hearted homegrown tales with “Loved and Lost and Found.” - Allen Halas, Breaking & Entering (8/29/23)

“Between the singalongable Americana anthem with a country tinge, the song’s retrospective concept, and the great video directed by Alex Walzak, “In A Song” finds Matthes as good as ever.” - Tyler Maas, Milwaukee Record (8/20/23)

"Longtime Radio Milwaukee listeners are probably familiar with Jay Matthes’ track “Good Lookin’ Woman,” a favorite we kept in regular rotation. It wasn’t too surprising, then, that Matthes filled our performance space when we welcomed him on 414 Live a couple of years ago. He’s got a gift for writing easygoing country and roots-rock tunes with just a hint of melancholy." - 88nine RadioMilwaukee (6/26/19)

“Matthes' music is beautiful and soulful and peaceful, but it's also filled with protective romance. (You know the kind where the guy is actually the guy every girl dreams about? Yeah, that.) It's full of energy and sadness and hope and joy.” - Lora Kaelber, OnMilwaukee (4/27/18)

“Milwaukee-based artist ​Jay Matthes' Dancing After Dark is a twelve track collection of well-crafted heartfelt tunes that truly connect with the listener.​” - The Daily Country (6/19/17)

“Go ahead and add this to the music you should have heard of yesterday. There is no doubt that Milwaukee crowds have had a talent on their hands on the verge of something great. In our experience, an album this well-crafted, this versatile will open the flood gates and we are proud to call him one of our own.” - Midwestern Gentleman (5/26/17)

“Jay Matthes is a traditionalist. The singer-songwriter’s latest album, A Drier Place, is proudly no frills—a collection of mostly acoustic bluegrass and American songs recorded without any kind of studio trickery. That naturalistic approach puts the emphasis where it belongs: on Matthes’ sturdy, grainy voice. Even when guest musicians lend a little instrumental flair to the songs, his voice remains their focal point.” - Evan Rytlewski, Shepherd Express (1/28/17)

“Soulful country, impressive range...clever lyrics...ensnares audience with deft vocals.” - Ben Kieffer, Iowa Public Radio (2/23/16)

“Breezy, summery Midwestern vibrations” - J Moss, The Modern Folk (10/4/15)

“Make no mistake, it takes a lot of hard work, passion and perseverance to be an Indie musician these days. Local singer-songwriter Jay Matthes is a perfect example of this.” - Will Piper, Ozaukee Magazine (7/23/15)

“Matthes really stood out to me as an up and coming singer-songwriter and had an uncanny resemblance to Eric Church.” - John Schulz, (7/2/14)

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